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What our customer say

We use this software almost four years and we are very satisfied. First of all – the best thing is that software is really easy to use. And CDM team is very responsive – it always responds quickly to questions, informs you about news, periodically analyzes the results of cooperation. There is always a feeling that we are important customers.

Ashwin Dhude

The customer service for ClickDotMailer is absolutely incredible. It’s refreshing and humbling to get such a high level of customer service from an online service.

Bernadette Robert

We have recently chosen ClickDotMailer as our email provider because they are really professional, their services are good, fast and nicely supported by their team. Their support is very fast to reply when you have a question.

Kisa Egorov

ClickDotMailer significantly increased our delivery rate. We generated more traffic to our sites and a greater return for our advertisers. More importantly we can keep our relationship with our readers alive retaining brand loyalty and future proofing our business.

Edward Carter

ClickDotMailer has been with me from day one as an integral part of my business.

Tom Rivera

ClickDotMailer is everything they promise to be, and more! The communication is excellent, and both our ClickDotMailer account manager and technical support team help us meet our goals, every time we needed them to. The product is also really intuitive and easy to use. I strongly recommend ClickDotMailer!

Mike Walker

ClickDotMailer is a user friendly professional platform with a great support team. And the most incredible thing is that it’s cost efficient. Thank you for making my life easier.

Alex Dwyan

We’ve been using ClickDotMailer for a variety of email needs, beyond just traditional email marketing and newsletters, like using automation to nudge people who haven’t completed their profiles. Overall, we’ve found all of the features easy for a small, nimble team to use.

Sarah Ingram

ClickDotMailer is efficient and delivers incredible ROI.

Josh Unn

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